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Thomas Kruithof

The Eavesdropper
(La Mècanique de l'ombre)

France, Belgium 2016

In French with Finnish subtitles

93 min

For audiences aged 12 and above

The political thriller genre gets a very timely infusion of life with Thomas Kruithof's debut "Scribe," a lean, edgy drama about an outwardly bland middle-aged factotum hired to transcribe taped conversations that may or may not have been recorded by the French secret service. Set during an election clearly intended to elicit parallels with current right-wing campaigns from Marine Le Pen to Donald Trump, the film, at one time given the unwieldy English title "The Eavesdropper," boasts an ace cast and the kind of skillfully crafted script that keeps audiences tensely guessing the outcome until the delicious "did that just happen?" denouement. The movie is likely to do strong home business on its January opening, and should be enjoyed by Francophile art houses worldwide.
Jay Weissberg / Variety
Eavesdropper DIRECTOR

Director: Thomas Kruithof

Thomas Kruithof is an up-and-coming French director. His debut full-length feature film The Eavesdropper features several established actors.

Screenplay: Thomas Kruithof & Yann Gozlan
Cast: François Cluzet, Denis Podalydès, Sami Bouajila, Simon Abkarian, Alba Rohrwacher
Production: Thibault Gast & Matthias Weber / 24 25 Films
Copy: Njutafilms