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Liisa Helminen

Long way to go
(Matka on pitkä)

Finland 1994

In Finnish with English subtitles

84 min

Suitable for audiences all ages

Liisa Helminen's documentary Long Way to Go (1994) follows six children from preschool until the end of their first school year. Helminen has captured the children's expectations and fears in an inimitable way: while others can't wait to start reading and counting subtractions properly, others are more concentrated on the intimidating eighth graders at their school.

The film presents the children's everyday lives in a way that seems very natural to the viewer. The central theme in the film is rules and the different ways the kids react to them. One's voice can get heard both by learning new things and by opposing the norms.
Emma Vuorinen

Please note also the sequel documentary Moving On.
Matka on pitkä & Matka jatkuu DIRECTOR

Director: Liisa Helminen

Liisa Helminen (born in 1950) is a Finnish director who is mostly known for King Who Had No Heart (1981) which she directed together with Päivi Hartzell. She has also worked with documentaries and animated films, such as Urpo and Turpo, 1997.

Screenplay: Liisa Helminen
Cast: Aleksi Koskikallio, Tuuli Savela, Tuukka Pasanen, Joel Pihlaja, Hanna Hilkamo, Mesale Shinohara
Production: Liisa Helminen /  Liisa Helminen Film Productions
Copy: Illume