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MATKA JATKUU A © Illume Sari Aaltonen

Liisa Helminen

Moving On
(Matka jatkuu)

Suomi 2017

In Finnish with English subtitles

59 min

For all audiences

Moving On is a documentary of six Finnish young adults, their growth from the childhood games to the demanding life of a modern grown-up.

The film is a sequel to Liisa Helminen's Long Way to Go (1993), a documentary following six children for a year as they start school. Moving On reunites the six children in front of the camera 24 years later, revisiting the familiar sites.

Now young adults in their 30's, the then first-graders meet up in their childhood scenery, in their old daycare center. Their friendship has lasted through the years. As they watch the old documentary together, they relive their journey together. What kind of challenges have they had, what choices have they made, where are they now? What do they expect from the future, what are their thoughts on life?
Matka on pitkä & Matka jatkuu DIRECTOR

Director: Liisa Helminen

Liisa Helminen (born in 1950) is a Finnish director who is mostly known for King Who Had No Heart (1981) which she directed together with Päivi Hartzell. She has also worked with documentaries and animated films, such as Urpo and Turpo, 1997.

Screenplay: Liisa Helminen
Cast: Aleksi Koskikallio, Tuuli Martini (née Savela), Tuukka Pasanen, Joel Pihlaja, Hanna Ruottinen (née Hilkamo), Mesale Shinohara
Production: Jouko Aaltonen / Illume
Print: Illume