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Marie-Noëlle Sehr

Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge
(Marie Curie)

Germany, France, Poland 2016

In French, German, English and Polish with English subtitles

100 min

For audiences aged 12 and above

The most turbulent five years in the life of a genius woman: Between 1905, where Marie Curie comes with Pierre Curie to Stockholm to be awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the radioactivity and 1911, where she receives her second Nobel Prize.

1906 Pierre Curie is run over by a horse-drawn carriage and tragically dies on a Parisian street. Marie's unique marriage and happiest lifetime is destroyed in one go. Left alone with two young daughters, the widow has responsibilities that would overwhelm the strongest man but she faces her duties with greatest courage as a mother and a scientist. Despite her sorrow, she continues the work that she began with Pierre, taking especially the "Curie-therapy" they developed against cancer to great heights. But science is primarily a man's world and Marie's audacity is not well seen by everybody. As she embarks on a passionate affair with the mathematician Paul Langevin, she provokes a huge scandal and the tabloids drag her name through the mud. Alarmed by all the malevolent headlines, the Swedish Nobel Academy, who wanted to award her a second Nobel Prize (making her the first person ever to receive two), forbids her to drive to Stockholm to fetch her award. Doesn't a woman in love earn recognition for her work?
Marie Curie DIRECTOR

Director: Marie-Noëlle Sehr

Marie-Noëlle Sehr is a French director, screenwriter and producer. From 1979 onward she has worked alongside her ex-husband Peter Sehr creating films such as The Anarchist's Wife (2008) and Ludwig II (2012). Marie Curie: The Courage on Knowledge is her first independently directed feature film.

Screenplay: Marie Noëlle & Andrea Stoll
Cast: Karolina Gruszka, Arieh Worthalter, Charles Berling, Iza Kuna, André Wilms, Malik Zidi, Daniel Olbrychski
Production: Marie-Noëlle Sehr, Mikolaj Pokromski & Ralf Zimmermann / P'Artisan Filmproduktion, Pokromski Studio & Glory Film
Sales: Films Boutique