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Junior Ciné
Mikko Niskanen

Girl of Finland

Finland 1967

In Finnish, without English subtitles

89 min

For audiences aged 12 and above

The screening belongs to the series The Story of Finland told by Film

After the release of the impressively popular Skin Skin (1966) director Mikko Niskanen continued to portray urban youngsters also in his next film, Lapualaismorsian. The film represents a social turning point from two perspectives: the 1966 general election and the cultural radicalism of Arvo Salo's Lapualaisooppera. In addition to being a social commentary, Lapualaismorsian is also a love story with a pinch of documentary that has quite a fragmented and Godard-inspired narrative.

Niskanen is boldly curious in his representations of the youth's political awakenings and different social conflicts while intensely introducing the politically seething student theatre. One of the other central themes in the film is motherhood and the globe's future through their children. The film's ideology is crystallized in the song Aikuiset ja lapset ("Adults and Children") portrayed handsomely by Kristiina Halkola.
Emma Vuorinen

A sing-along event will be held at the Amfi area at Espoo Cultural Centre by the Library band Helmetin enkelit at 14.15. The songs are composed by Kaj Chydenius. The event will take place at Tapiola Library if the weather is bad.
Käpy & Lapualaismorsian DIRECTOR

Director: Mikko Niskanen

Mikko Niskanen (1929-1990) was an eminent Finnish TV and film director, actor and professor. Winner of a total of six Jussi Prizes for Best Direction, Niskanen is mostly remembered from his debut Pojat (1962) and Kahdeksan surmanluotia (1972).

Screenplay: Marja-Leena Mikkola, Mikko Niskanen, Jörn Donner, Arvo Salo, Kari Franck, Seppo Aaltonen & Markku Lahtela
Cast: Kristiina Halkola, Kirsti Wallasvaara, Aulikki Oksanen, Pekka Laiho, Pekka Autiovuori, Jukka Sipilä, Heikki Kinnunen, Vesa-Matti Loiri
Production: Arno Carlstedt / FJ-Filmi & Jörn Donner Productions
Copy: National Audiovisual Institute