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Erik Poppe 

The King's Choice
(Kongens nei)

Norway 2016

In Norwegian with English subtitles

133 min

For audiences aged 12 and above

World War II stories continue to resonate with Oscar voters. Three of the nine movies on this year's Oscar shortlist for best foreign-language film - Paradisefrom Russia, Land of Mine from Denmark and The King's Choice from Norway - are set against that backdrop. The Norwegian entry may be the most conventional of the three, but it's no less effective as a result. It has no American distributor as yet, which might change if it advances when the final nominations are announced on Tuesday. Handsomely mounted and well acted, the film breaks no new ground but remains engrossing.

The film has already been a critical and commercial success in Norway, undoubtedly because it retrieves a stirring piece of Norwegian history. The country's role in the Second World War is not well known elsewhere, except perhaps for the betrayal of the traitorous Quisling, who cooperated with the Nazis in their bid to seize control of the country. Quisling is an offscreen character in The King's Choice; the main characters are the King and members of the royal family who tried to resist the German aggressors.
Stephen Farber / The Hollywood Reporter
Kings Choice DIRECTOR

Director: Erik Poppe

Erik Poppe (born in 1960) is a Norwegian director and photographer. He is known especially for his films Hawaii, Oslo (2004), Troubled Water (2008) and A Thousand Times Good Night (2013).

Screenplay: Jan Trygve Røyneland & Harald Rosenløw Eeg based on th novel romaanin Kongens Nei by Alf R. Jacobsen
Cast: Jesper Christiensen, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Tuva Novotny, Karl Markovics, Arthur Hakalahti
Production: Finn Gjerdrum & Stein B. Kvae / Paradox Film
Copy: Norsk filminstitutt