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Emilie Deleuze

Miss Impossible
(Jamais contente)

France 2016

In French with Finnish subtitles

90 min

Suitable for audiences all ages

Some would say Aurore lives a boring life. But when you are a 13 year-old girl, and just like her have an uncompromising way of looking at boys, school, family or friends, life takes on the appearance of a merry psychodrama. Especially with a new French teacher, the threat of being sent to boarding school, repeatedly falling in love and the crazy idea of going on stage with a band…
Miss Impossible DIRECTOR

Director: Emilie Deleuze

Emilie Deleuze (born in 1964) is a French director and screenwriter. Her most famed work are Peau neuve (1999) and Mister V. (2003). Miss Impossible won the Young Audience Award at the European Film Academy in 2016.

Screenplay: Emilie Deleuze & Laurent Guyot based on the first part of the novel series Le Journal d'Aurore by Marie Desplechin
Cast: Léna Magnien, Patricia Mazuy, Philippe Duquesne, Catherine Hiegel, Alex Lutz
Production: Patrick Sobelman / Agat Films
Copy: Helsinki International Film Festival