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Fien Troch


Belgium 2016

In Dutch with English subtitles

103 min

For audiences aged 16 and above

Three adolescents struggle to make sense of their relationships with the adults around them in the ironically titled Home, the fourth feature from Dutch-language Belgian director Fien Troch. As in her previous films - Someone Else's Happiness, about the impact of the death of a child on a village community; Unspoken, with Emmanuelle Devos, about the disappearance of a little girl; and Kid, about a 7-year-old boy growing up in rural Flanders - Troch is again interested in the complex dynamics between different generations, though it's the first time she intimately explores the lives of teenagers who are close to maturity and thus about to join the ranks of those they are nominally rebelling against.

The result is a bleak, verité-like drama in which unhealthy parent-child relations only grow worse and people, instead of learning from their mistakes or picking up on the troubling signals of others, become part of a maelstrom of misunderstandings and malfunction.
Boyd van Hoeij / The Hollywood Reporter

Director: Fien Troch

Fien Troch (born in 1978) is a Belgian director and screenwriter. Home is her fourth full-length feature film and it won the Best Direction at Venice Film Festival.

Screenplay: Fien Troch & Nico Leunen
Cast: Sebastian Van Dun, Mistral Guidotti, Loïc Batog, Lena Suijkerbuijk, Karlijn Sileghem, Els Deceukelier, Robby Cleiren
Production: Antonino Lombardo / Prime Time
Sales: Doc & Film International