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John Jencks

The Hippopotamus

United Kingdom 2017

In English with Finnish subtitles

86 min

For audiences aged 12 and above

Should a Christopher Hitchens biopic ever arise, Roger Allam would be the perfect actor to play him. Ted Wallace, the lapsed poet he portrays in The Hippopotamus, has never occupied the same literary heights as Hitchens, and his tumble down the writerly food chain finds him turning "whiskey into journalism" as a theater critic. But Ted's crackling observations - the fuel that drives the movie - have the fluency and rapier wit of a diligent, erudite mind. The role is a welcome lead turn for Allam, who's more than up for the plummy putdowns, as well as the dashes of slapstick, in director John Jencks' hit-and-miss screen translation of Stephen Fry's 1994 novel.
Sheri Linden / The Hollywood Reporter
Hippopotamus DIRECTOR

Director: John Jencks

John Jencks is a British film director and producer who graduated from an American film school in 2008. The Hippopotamus is his second full-length feature film.

Screenplay: Tom Hodgson & Blanche McIntyre based on the novel The Hippopotamus by Stephen Fryn romaanin
Cast: Roger Allam, Fiona Shaw, Matthew Modine, Tim McInnerny, Emily Berrington, Geraldine Somerville, Tommy Knight
Production: Jay Taylor & Alexa Seligman / The Electric Shadow Company
Copy: Offbeat Cinema