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Katja Sambeth

Ember Glow

Germany 2016

In German with Finnish subtitles

90 min

Suitable for audiences aged 12 and above

Recommended for audiences aged 13 and above

15 year old Jenny loses her dad and has to move with her mom to a new city where their home is everything but what she hopes for. The East German concrete suburbs also turn out to be a challenging environment for both the adults and their children. At first Jenny finds it hard to adjust to her new surroundings but gradually makes friends with the other kids in the suburb. The neighbourhood's sense of solidarity gives some long needed strength to all of their lives.

The film tells an empowering tale about friendship and finding your own place in the world also showing that growing up comes hand in hand with responsibility. Glutnester reminds the viewer about the possibility to dream big, no matter who you are and where you come from!
Tulisilla Hiilillä Glutnester DIRECTOR

Director: Katja Sambeth

Katja Sambeth (born in 1975) is a Berlin-based director. Ember Glow is her debut full-length feature film as well as her thesis film for Film and Television Academy Berlin.

Screenplay: Vanda Molnar & Katja Sambeth
Cast: orinde Lea Miller, Dominik Görlach, Marlène Meyer-Dunker, Antonio Wannek, Gerdy Zint, Steffen Schult
Production: Nadja Beilenhoff / Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin
Distribution: Espoo Ciné