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Adrian Sitaru

The Fixer

Romania, France 2017

In Romanian, French and English with English subtitles

98 min

For audiences aged 16 and above

Adrian Sitaru's "Fixer" features the now-classic elements of New Romanian Cinema: It eventually arrives at an emotionally potent treatment of larger issues via a seemingly casual narrative, a coolly observational tenor and close attention to unexpected detail. Here, an aspiring Romanian journalist working as a go-between for a foreign outlet finds himself on ethically questionable turf as he pursues access to a local girl rescued from an international sex-trafficking ring. This arresting, ambivalent drama should travel widely on the festival circuit, with potential for limited offshore commercial sales.

Radu (Tudor Aaron Istodor) is a much-relied-upon employee at the Bucharest office of a French TV news network. But he's officially still a trainee, anxious to prove himself in hopes of scoring a "real" job. To that end, he pulls every string possible to get his employers an interview with one of two underage Romanian girls who were abducted, transported to France, then forced into prostitution before they were found by authorities. Public curiosity is insatiable for such lurid stories, now sadly common in Europe - so Radu's being able to orchestrate face-time with the repatriated Anca would be a personal coup of great value to his career.
Dennis Harvey / Variety

Director: Adrian Sitaru

The Fixer is the fifth feature film of Romanian director Adrian Sitaru (born in 1971). He is mostly known for Illegitimate (2016). In addition to features, Sitaru has directed TV shows and award-winning short films.

Screenplay: Claudia Silisteanu & Adrian Silisteanu
Cast: Tudor Aaron Istodor, Mehdi Nebbou, Nicolas Wanczycki, Diana Spatarescu, Adrian Titieni
Production: Anamaria Antoci & Adrian Silisteanu / 4 Proof Film
Sales: MPM Film