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BEUYS A © Zeroonefilm  Ute Klophaus
BEUYS B © Zeroonefilm  Klaus Staeck
BEUYS C © Zeroonefilm  Erich Puls  Klaus Lamberty
Andres Veiel


Germany 2017

In German and English with English subtitles

107 min

Suitable for alla audiences

Beuys, the man with a hat, some felt, and the Fettecke. Thirty years after his death he still seems to be a visionary, way ahead of his time. Back then he was trying to patently explain how "money shouldn ́t be a commodity." He knew that money trade would undermine democracy. But there ́s more. Beuys boxes, parleys, lectures, and explains pictures to a dead hare. He asks with a grin: "Do You Want a Revolution Without Laughter?" His expanded concept of art leads him smack in the middle of socially relevant discourse, even today. A congenial montage of countless, previously untapped visualand audio sources, director Andreas Veiel and his team created a one-of-a-kind chronicle: "Beuys" is not a portrait in the common sense but an intimate look at a human being, his art, and his world of ideas.

Director Andres Veiel

Andres Veiel (born in 1959) is a German theatre and film director as well as author. He is well-known for his films Black Box BRD (2001) and If Not Us, Who? (2011).

Screenplay: Andres Veiel
Cast: Caroli Tisdall, Rhea Thönges-Stringaris, Franz Joseph van der Grinten, Johannes Stüttgen, Klaus Staeck
Production: Thomas Kufus / zero one film
Sales: Beta Cinema