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Back for Good A
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Mia Spengler

Back for Good

Germany 2016

In German with English subtitles

91 min

For audiences aged 12 and above

Reality-TV starlet Angie just got out of rehab. What initially was supposed to be a PR-stunt to get her into the next season of I'M A CELEB - GET ME OUT OF HERE, turned out to be a life-wrecking decision: Since her boyfriend/manager dropped her and none of her so-called friends agree to take her in, Angie has to move back in with her mom Monika to her shitty hometown. Their relationship is as bad as her mom's health. Angies teen sister Kiki is also having a hard time. She is suffering from epilepsy so Monika makes her wear a protective helmet that isolates her from anyone her age. To overcome her weirdo image, Kiki takes to the internet: With a dance video on YouTube she introduces herself to the world. The only ones interested though are a group of cyber-trolls, who give her virtual hell. Desperate to find a place of belonging, Angie's arrival seems to Kiki like the apparition of an angel with silicon tits. The perfect guide to get Kiki out of her social isolation.

Much to Angie's surprise, she feels very connected to her little sister and tries to defend her against Monika's intrusive behavior. But when Monika is hospitalized for having a cardiac seizure, Angie has to take on the role of custodian for Kiki, while trying to get back into Reality-TV at the same time. What seems to be destined for disaster at first, turns into a bittersweet opportunity for all three women to transform themselves.
Back for Good DIRECTOR

Director: Mia Spengler

Mia Spengler (born in 1986) is a German-Korean film director and ex-musician who has directed several award-winning short films. Back for Good is her debut full-length feature film.

Screenplay: Stefanie Schmitz & Mia Spengler
Cast: Kim Riedle, Leonie Wesselow, Juliane Köhler, Nicki Von Tempelhoff, Emma Drogunova, Hanife Sylejmani, Anna Oussankina, Lena Thom, Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, Ulrike Krumbiegel
Production: Rüdiger Heinze, Stefan Sporbert / Zum Goldenen Lamm Filmproduktion
Sales: Zum Goldenen Lamm Filmproduktion