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David Blair


UK 2016

In English

109 min

For audiences aged 16 and above

Ria wants out of this town and is trying to scrape enough money together to get her and her friend, Kaz, away to the coast. While Joseph wants out of this life as he struggles to come to terms with the death of his wife.

With no parents in the picture, Ria has become a surrogate mum to her friend. And although she shoulders the responsibility willingly, she's young herself and has moments where she longs for escape from the daily grind - something she does through her music and her imagination. With no kids or responsibilities, Joseph has decided to head to Blackpool to commit suicide - it seems fitting, symbolic somehow, as it's the place he and his wife spent the most time, competing in dancing competitions at the tower ballroom.

But fate's about to step in and bring these two lost souls together.


Director: David Blair

David Blair is a British TV and film director. Throughout his career he has directer several films and award-winning TV shows.

Screenplay: Roger Hadfield
Cast: Timothy Spall, Juno Temple, Matt Ryan, Hayley Squires, Terry Stone, Joanna Roth, Susan Lynch
Production: Terry Stone & Michael Knowles & Richard Turner / Gateway Films
Sales: Flare Film