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Igor Cobileanski

Eastern Business
(Afacerea Est)

Romania, Lithuania, Moldova 2016

In Romanian, English, Russian and Georgian with English subtitles

84 min

Suitable for audiences all ages

Filmmaker Igor Cobileanski is from Moldova, the Eastern European nation of some 3.5 millions souls that's about the size of Maryland and is snugly wedged between Romania - with which it shares practically the same language - and the Ukraine. But after his debut, the bleak and darkly humorous The Unsaved and now his second feature, the brighter and droller but no less observant road movie Eastern Business (Afacerea est) it seems safe to say Cobileanski's cinematic homeland is the immense gray area between black comedy and tragicomedy.

As in most road-trip movies, a couple of mismatched men go looking for a better life elsewhere only to discover that the journey's more important than the destination. Indeed, strictly in terms of basic plot, Eastern Business isn't exactly innovative. But what makes the film stand out is how perceptive it is about Moldova's place in (Eastern) Europe and how it uses its characters' behavior to illustrate points about human behavior that's recognizable the world over. After its premiere at the Transylvania International Film Festival in Romania, this certainly has the possibility to travel widely, at least on the festival circuit.
Boyd van Hoeij / The Hollywood Reporter
Eastern Business DIRECTOR

Director: Igor Cobileanski

Igor Cobileanski (born in 1974) is a Moldovian director and screenwriter focusing mostly on short films and documentaries. His first full-lenght feature The Unsaved (2013) was warmly received by audiences.

Screenplay: Igor Cobileanski
Cast: Ion Sapdaru, Constantin Pușcașu, Daniel Busuioc, Anne Marie Chertic
Production: Iuliana Tarnovetchi / Alien Film
Sales: Antipode Sales