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Animaatioita pienimmille A Pikkulintu ja toukka
Animaatioita pienimmille B Mirjamin kana uneksii
Animaatioita pienimmille C Jazzoo
Several directors

Animations for Kids

Netherlands, Latvian, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonian


No dialogue

30 min

For all audiences

Marlies van der Wel


Netherlands 2016
3 min

When the Sabaku -bird loses its friend the buffalo, it has to find a new one. Finding the right partner is not easy for a noisy bird.
Print: Klik! Distribution Service

Reinis Kalnaellis

Singing Hugo and His Incredible Adventures

(Dziedošais Hugo un viņa neticamie piedzīvojumi)

Latvian 2017
9 min

The chicken is dreaming of becoming a singer, but the adventure of a lifetime is waiting just behind the corner when two crooks catch the chicken from the henhouse and sell it at the market.
Print: Rija Films

Lena Von Döhren

The Little Bird and the Caterpillar

(Der kleine Vogel und die Raupe)

Switzerland 2017
5 min

A little bird is really fond of its home tree's leaves and takes good care of them but a hungry caterpillar comes around and sees the leaves only as food. The two focus on the dispute and don't see the danger lurking in the woods...
Print: Magnetfilm

Adam Marco-Nord


Sweden 2016

A hippo is looking for a pond, a small fish is trying to escape from a hungry shark, a koala wants to jump as high as the kangaroo and the party of the elephants is disturbing the peace of the apes. An animation about the animal kingdom with the delightful tunes of jazz.
Print: Svenska filminstitutet

Andres Tenusaar

The Dream of Miriam's Hen

(Miriami kana unistus)
Estonian 2016
5 min

During a rainy day Mirjam's little brother and father are building paper planes and the hen is dreaming of a journey to south.
Print: Nukufilm