Lives of Therese
Lives of Therese
Lives of Therese
Sébastien Lifshitz

The Lives of Therese
(Les Vies de Thérèse)

Ranska 2016
In French, English subtitles
55 min
Suitable for all ages

'"Film me while I die" is a completely extraordinary thing to ask, but it was the request made/challenge thrown down by French feminist activist Thérèse Clerc just a few months ago to documentarian Sébastien Lifshitz. Already on a friendly first-name basis following her participation in Lifshitz's last Cannes title, "The Invisible Ones" (his César-winning feature-length documentary about aging gay-rights pioneers), Thérèse contacted Lifshitz as her terminal illness entered its final stages, and he filmed her practically to the end. Yet the title does not mislead: "The Lives of Thérèse" may be just 52 minutes long, and may have been occasioned by the foreknowledge of death, but it is about life - a life so enormous, in fact, that pluralizing the noun into "lives" feels less like a rhetorical device than a bald statement of fact. (...)
From the dawning of her political awareness as a self-confessedly complacent 1950s housewife and mother (...) through her involvement with Theosophy, Marxism, Catholicism and of course the nascent feminist movement, Thérèse emerges as a voraciously intelligent and committed activist, ever willing to put herself on the front line of the causes that caught her imagination and awoke her instincts for social justice.'
Jessica Kiang, Variety

Director: Sébastien Lifshitz
Screenplay: Sébastien Lifshitz
Cast: Thérèse Clerc
Production: Muriel Meynard / AGAT Films & Cie
Sales: Doc & Films