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Zero Point-3Zero Point-1Zero Point-2

Mihkel Ulk

zero point

Estonia 2014
In Estonian / English subtitles
114 min
For audicences aged 12 and above

Sensitive and restless Johannes is accepted to an elite school in the city and expects life to go uphill. Instead, he becomes the victim of mental abuse by his classmates. In search of recognition, he goes to his old friends from suburbs, who spend their time doing drugs, hanging around, and partying, rather than focusing on schoolwork. At home, Johannes must deal with his mother's deteriorating mental health. As the tension grows, he finds himself at zero point, where he must completely reset his life to build it up from scratch. Production Notes

Director: Mihkel Ulk
Screenplay: Margit Keerdo-Dawson
Cast: Märt Pius, Epp Eespäev, Saara Kadak, Linda Kolde, Hendrik Kalmet
Production: Evelin Soosaar-Penttilä / Allfilm
Sales: Allfilm