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David Ruehm

Therapy for a Vampire
(Vampir auf der Couch)

Austria, Switzerland, 2014
In German / English subtitles
87 min
For audicences aged 16 and above

We've already had one uproarious vampire send-up this year, What We Do in the Shadows. Do we really need another one? Oh hell yes. And its name is Therapy for a Vampire. Anything that stokes the burning stake of whiney teen vamp drivel should be welcomed with open arms, but it also helps that this Austrian offering from director David Rühm is a seductive and hilarious take on vampire lore with a script and cast that nails the coffin tight. [...]
In 1930s Vienna, the thrill is gone for centuries old vampire Count Geza von Közsnöm. As his existence drags its feet, so does his marriage to the Countess Elsa. [...] He seeks the assistant of Dr. Sigmund Freud, who's not at all alarmed when the Count insists their session happen at night. "What do you do during the day?" Freud asks.

Patrick Cooper, Bloody Disgusting

Director: David Ruehm
Screenplay: David Ruehm
Cast: Tobias Moretti, Jeanette Hain, Cornelia Ivancan, Dominic Oley, David Bennent, Karl Fischer, Erni Mangold, Lars Rudolph
Production: Christof Neracher, Christian Davi, Thomas Thümena, Franz Novotny, Alexander Glehr / Hugo Film Productions & Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion
Sales: Picture Tree International