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Silly Ones and the Stupid Ones, The-4Silly Ones and the Stupid Ones, The-3Silly Ones and the Stupid Ones, The-2

Roberto Castón

The Silly Ones and the Stupid Ones
(Los tontos y los estúpidos)

Spain 2014
In Spanish / English subtitles
91 min
For audicences aged 12 and above

Sitting around a table and following the directions of the director, the actors show us the evolution of the creating process and how the characters through the trials, indications, lighting or props, that at first were just a story captured on a script becomes a film, in cinema, the great optical illusion, the visual lies that allows us to enjoy the stories we see on the screen. Mario, Paula, Miguel and Lourdes pretend, represent, appear, hide their flaws and shortcomings. So, for everything to change but to be the same in the end.
Production notes

Director: Roberto Castón
Screenplay: Roberto Castón
Cast: Roberto Álamo, Aitor Beltrán, Josean Bengoetxea, Nausicaa Bonnin, Cuca Escribano, Gregory Brossard, Oihane P. Etxebarria, Erika Olaizola
Production: Fernando Diez Varela & Pau Guillen / Bitart New Media & Ilusión Óptica
Sales: The Open Reel