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Mina Laamo

Matka minuksi

Finland, 2014

In Finnish / no subtitles
75 min
For audicences aged 12 and above

Becoming Me follows three young women, Elli, Laura and Juulia. Each of them writes a blog on her life on the Internet, sharing their lives with strangers. Each of them also struggles with herself and the demands that today's society puts on them.
Elli wants to quit updating her pro-anorexia blog and go back to university after a long break. Laura's extreme self-control limits her everyday life in many ways. She tries to shake depression
and self-loathing with the help of a therapist so she can go and study in Japan. Juulia has a fashion blog and 40,000 blog followers every month, but updating the blog is lonely work and she feels uncomfortable when actually coming face-to-face with people she doesn't know.

Becoming Me reflects the pressures to perform put forward by society: What kind of demands do young women face in order to 'get along in life' and how far-reaching can the consequences be. It is a film about the journey towards an intact, complete self, which - perhaps - can only be attained once you accept that you are imperfect and incomplete and that so is the world.

Production notes

Director: Mina Laamo
Cast: Elli, Laura, Juulia
Print: Pirkanmaan elokuvakeskus

Age recommendation: KULPS! class