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Carlos Vermut

Magical Girl

Spain, France 2014
In Spanish / English subtitles
127 min
For audicences aged 16 and above

Magical Girl is a razor-sharp tale of unintended consequences. Carlos Vermut's tale of a young girl's simple wish is a skillfully-plotted web of intrigue with a trio of assured, dynamic central performances.
Steve Greene, Indiewire

Spanish director Carlos Vermut's sophomore feature [is] an elaborately contrived, imagination-dependent dark comedy that operates through sleight of hand, misleading auds into following a preteen leukemia patient's dying wish while it assembles another, far more sinister secondary narrative deep in its viewers' collective subconscious.
Peter Debruge, Variety

Director: Carlos Vermut
Screenplay: Carlos Vermut
Cast: José Sacristán, Bárbara Lennie, Luis Bermejo, Israel Elejalde, Lucía Pollán, Elisabet Gelabert, Miquel Insua, Teresa Soria Ruano
Production: Pedro Hernández Santos / Aquí y Allí Films & Films Distribution
Sales: Films Distribution