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Jerry Rothwell

How to Change the World

UK, Canada 2015
In English / no subtitles
115 min
For audicences aged 12 and above

How to Change the World is a rousing documentary of the history of Greenpeace. Jerry Rothwell's look at the organization goes beyond its cause to look at the people responsible for it. [The film] structures its story around five steps to leaving a truly lasting impact on the world. Told through the writings of journalist-turned-activist Robert "Bob" Hunter, the reluctant leader of the movement. The writings are narrated by Emmy-winning actor Barry Pepper and strung together using never-before-seen archival footage from the many campaigns, psychedelic animation, and interviews with the key members of Greenpeace who experienced it all.
Sterlin Johnson, Indiewire

Note! Some scenes may be disturbing for sensitive viewers.

Screenplay: Jerry Rothwell
Esiintyjät: Bill Darnell, David 'Walrus' Garrick, Bobbi Hunter, Emily Hunter, Will Jackson, George Korotva, Myron MacDonald, Rod Marning, Patrick Moore, Ron Precious, Paul Spong, Carlie Trueman, Paul Watson, Rex Weyler
Production: Al Morrow & Bous De Jong / BFI & SKY present
Print: Met Film Production