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Ilinca Călugăreanu

Chuck Norris vs Communism

UK, Romania, Germany 2014
In Romanian / English subtitles
80 min
For audicences aged 7 and above

Stylish, breezily entertaining documentary explores the little-known role played by Hollywood movies - and one heroic film dubber - in toppling Romanian communism. Scott Foundas, Variety

The year is 1985, 20 years into Nicolae Ceausescu's Communist rule in Romania. Freedom of creative expression is at an all-time low as media and entertainment is heavily policed. The introduction and popularization of the video home system (VHS) in Romania on the rise - an underground movement that starts off with little more than a whisper. [...] an inspiring and nostalgic documentary-narrative hybrid that explores the tale of the guerrilla film-smuggling movement that claims to have toppled the Romanian Communist regime in 1989.

John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

Director: Ilinca Călugăreanu
Screenplay: Ilinca Călugăreanu
Cast: Ana Maria Moldovan, Dan Chlorean, Valentin Oncu
Production: Mara Adina, Brett Ratner / Vernon Films, RatPac Documentary Films
Print: Vernon Films