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Simon Jaquemet


Switzerland 2014
In Swissgerman / English subtitles
110 min
For audience aged 16 and above

Director Simon Jaquemet tells the story of youth at war, battling against a society that offers nothing but a superficial and condensed heap of codes of conduct, but also - and above all - against themselves. Violent outcries of protest are their ferocious and sensual way of saying they exist. For Matteo and his friends, it is all about revenge against a world that wants to subjugate them by making them "harmless" and "accepted". Courageously, Chrieg investigates the dark side of adolescence.
Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter

Simon Jaquemet's Chrieg is a violent and uncompromising outcry, a distorted soundtrack accompanying an adolescent world gone adrift. For his first feature film, the promising Swiss director has created a seductive ode to rebellion, a dangerous but reinvigorating escape from a claustrophobic and standardised society.

Muriel Del Don, Cineuropa

Director: Simon Jaquemet

Screenplay: Simon Jaquemet
Cast: Benjamin Lutzke, Ste, Ella Rumpf, Gisler Sascha, John Leuppi, Livia S. Reinard
Production: Christof Neracher, Christian Davi / Hugofilm
Sales: Picture Tree International