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Síllas Tzumérkas

A Blast
Η Έκρηξη

Greece, German, The Netherlands 2014

In Greek / English subtitles
83 min
For audiences aged 16 and above

Set against the volatile backdrop of the collapse of the Greek economy, Syllas Tzoumerkas' freewheeling and full-on drama is a shrill expression of anger, driven forcefully and with a certain fearlessness by a striking lead performance by Angeliki Papoulia as a free-spirited woman who reaches the end of her tether. [...] Angeliki Papoulia is the jittery, beating heart of A Blast, with her Maria a passionate an open soul who embraces life and love, but finds that passion beaten out of her by a variety of circumstances.
Mark Adams, Screendaily

When Thelma and Louise ran away, they were fleeing their boring lives, but at least they had cash in the bank. When the heroine of A Blast, Maria, runs away, she's fleeing the suffering imposed on her by a global economic crisis that that has hit the world hard, and Maria's country, Greece, perhaps hardest. -- She wants out: and A Blast, Syllas Tzoumerkas's second film, is the frantic, unsettling and intriguing record of her journey, a journey more emotional than literal.
Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter

Director: Síllas Tzumérkas

Screenplay: Síllas Tzumérkas & Júla Búndali
Cast: Angelikí Papúlia, Vasílis Dogánis, María Filíni, Mákis Papadimitriu, Thémis Bazáka, Jórgos Biniáris
Production: María Drandáki, Titus Kreyenberg, Ellen Havenith, Jeroen Beker / Homemade Films
Sales: EZ Film