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Francesco Munzi

Black Souls

(Anima nere)

Italy, France 2014
In Italian / English subtitles
109 min
For audiences aged 12 and above

A trio of brothers with three different outlooks converge on their ancestral town, where a blood feud threatens to turn into all-out war, in Francesco Munzi's Black Souls. Calabria's mafia, the 'ndrangheta, have international reach, but their vendettas play out at home, allowing Munzi to illustrate urban-rural divides while showing how alliances and lethal questions of honor disturbingly survive in areas where options have never been a government priority. Carefully constructed, allowing each scene to develop, "Souls" is set to be this year's mafia pic.

Jay Weissberg, Variety

Director: Francesco Munzi

Screenplay: Francesco Munzi, Fabrizio Ruggiero & Maurizio Braucci based on the book by Gioacchino Criacco
Cast: Marco Leonardi, Peppino Mazzotta, Fabrizio Ferracane, Barbora Bobulova, Anna Ferruzzo, Giuseppe Fumo, Pasquale Romeo
Production: Olivia Musini, Luigi Musini / Cinemaundici, Babe Films, Rai Cinema
Sales: Rai Com