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Matt Reid

Between Dog and Wolf: The New Model Army Story

Uk 2014
In English / no subtitles
95 min

Suitable for all audience

It's a fine, authoritative piece of work that, much like NMA, doesn't stick to the rules. It feels natural, perhaps the way in which Sullivan might tell the story himself if asked to do so. Instead of trying slavishly to recreate a history it tells the tale complete with digressions, jokes, feelings, a sense of still being connected to real people's lives, and there's little if any prattling on about 'the art' or the songwriting process.

Nick Pett, Backseat Mafia

Director: Matt Reid
Cast: Justin Sullivan, Dean White, Michael Dean, Marshall Gill, Ceri Monger
Production: Jonathan Green / Hustler Street Films
Sales: The Match Factory