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Jessica Hausner

Amour fou

Austria, Luxemburg, Germany 2014
In German / English subtitles
90 min
For audiences aged 7 and above

An event that could hardly be described as a laughing matter somehow yields a dryly amusing and characteristically layered reflection on the absurdity of what humans call love in "Amour fou," Jessica Hausner's slow-building portrait of the German Romantic writer Heinrich von Kleist and his friend Henriette Vogel, and the fateful steps and decisions that precipitated their 1811 suicide pact.
Justin Chang, Variety

Director: Jessica Hausner
Screenplay: Jessica Hausner
Cast: Christian Friedel, Birte Schnoeink, Stephan Grossmann, Katharina Schüttler, Sebastian Hülk, Sandra Hüller, Eva-Maria Kurz
Production: Martin Gschlacht, Antonin Svoboda, Bruno Wagner, Bady Minck, Alexander Dumreicher Ivanceanu, Philippe Bober / Coop99 Filmproduktion, Amour Fou Luxembourg, Essential Filmproduktion
Sales: Coproduction Office