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Several directors

AFF short films

Finland, 2013-2014

Finnish subtitles

Total duration: 97 min

For audiences aged 7 and above

A collection of Finnish short films curated by Artova Film Festival.

Ikuisesti sinun x 3

Mirroring memories and the lived life, this wax animation film tells the story of a mother and the loves and losses in her life, using the voice of her own daughter.

Director: Susani Mahadura

Screenplay: Susani Mahadura
Cast: Susani Mahadura, Sirpa Oja
: Sami Levo, Arto Tuohimaa / Metropolia AMK
Print: Metropolia AMK

Kaksi äitiä

A beautifully portrayed documentary about adoption and what happens when the adult daughter wants to contact her biological mother.

Director: Sera Martikainen

Screenplay: Sera Martikainen
Cast: Annica Finne, Lisa Finne, Nina Alholm, Tiia Alholm
Production: Markus Hellas / ELO Helsinki Film School
Print: Markus Hellas

Supersankarin tytär

Thoughts and feelings about fatherhood are shared in this touching documentary in which Sara, almost after 19 years, decides she wants to contact her absent father.

Director: Sara Aaltonen

Screenplay: Sara Aaltonen
Cast: Sara Aaltonen
Production: Melissa Salmi / Metropolia AMK
Print: Melissa Salmi


Fatima hears her parent’s nightly discussion and thinks they’re going to divorce. What happens when her best friend Milla comes to the rescue?

Director: Naima Mohamud

Screenplay: Naima Mohamud
Cast: Yasmin Heinonen, Ilona Valve, Yusufi Gazmend, Joanna Haartti, Eija Ahvo
Production: Markku Tuurna / Filmimaa
Print: Suomen elokuvasäätiö


A humorous documentary of the 5th graders of Hevoshaan koulu in Vantaa who want to organize a disco.

Director: Selma Vilhunen

Screenplay: Selma Vilhunen & Iris Olsson
Production: Markku Tuurna / Filmimaa
Print: Suomen elokuvasäätiö