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Nils Malmros

sorrow and joy
(sorg of glæde)

Denmark 2013
In Danish / English subtitles
107 min
Rating: 12

When Johannes returns home one evening, he finds a house in mourning and terror. That same afternoon his wife has killed their baby-not out of spite or hate, but a sense of despair and loneliness and psychosis. Johannes doesn't judge her, but tries to get to grips with all the ways he has failed her without ever meaning any harm. … Sorrow and Joy is a meditation on the limits of human laws and the infinite possibilities of kindness and understanding; a deeply protestant melodrama on grace; a perfect starting point for a voyage of discovery through a strikingly intimate cosmos in which every human being should be able to recognize at least some of himself or herself. - International Film Festival Rotterdam

Director: Nils Malmros

Screenplay: Nils Malmros & John Mogensen
Cast: Jakob Cedergren, Helle Fagralid, Ida Dwinger, Kristian Halken, Nicolas Bro, Helle Hertz, Niels Weyde, Søren Pilmark, Mads Hammer Larsen
Production: Thomas Heinesen / Nordisk Film Production