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Sebastiano Riso

Darker than midnight
(Più buio di mezzanotte)

Italy 2014

In Italian, English & French / English subtitles

98 min

Rating: 16

Davide is different from other teenagers. Something makes him look like a girl. Davide is fourteen when he runs away from home. His intuition, leads him to choose Villa Bellini, the park in Catania, as a refuge. The park is a world in and of itself, a world of the marginalized, to which the rest of the city turns a blind eye. But one day the past catches up to the present and Davide has to face the most difficult choice, this time alone.

Fine tech work makes this low-budgeter look modern and festival-ready, and the film should sail merrily on. … Michele Braga's music is subtle but strongly controls the mood of scenes, many shot at night in the confident camerawork of DP Piero Basso.
- Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter.

Director: Sebastiana Riso

Screenplay: Andrea Cedrola, Stefano Grasso & Sebastiana Riso
Cast: Davide Capone, Vincenzo Amato, Lucia Sardo Laurier, Pippo Delbono, Micaela Ramazzotti
Production: Claudio Saraceni / Ideacinema