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See it first at Espoo Ciné. In the Première category you will find a carefully chosen selection of the films that reach theatres later this year. The most interesting Finnish premieres of the autumn are also included.

White God : Fehér isten 001

Kornél Mundruczó

White god

This hungarian drama about street dogs caused a stir in Cannes, it also received Palm Dog award.
Clouds of Sils Maria 001

Olivier Assayas

clouds of sils maria

An intriguing drama where themes of art, mortality and performance are discoursed by two exceptional performances by Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart.
Magic in the Moonlight 01

Woody Allen

magic in the moonlight

Colin Firth and Emma Stone star Woody Allen's newest romantic comedy set in the 1920's Mediterranean.
Viiltävä totuus 01

Philippe Claudel

Before Winter chill

Mysterious flower bouquets disturb the tranquil bourgeois life of a middle-aged couple.
 French Riviera 01

André Téchiné

In the Name of My Daughter

Based on a famous alleged murder case, French Riviera is a story of passion, money and betrayal.
Congress, The 01

Ari Folman

the congress

An ageing actress receives an unexpected job offer that promises to keep the 3D version of her forever young.
Vadelmavenepakolainen 01

Leif Lindblom

Raspberry Boat Refugee

A comedy about a Swedish man in a Finnish body.
Aikuisten poika 01

Juha Lehtola

aikuisten poika

Young boy Oliver tries to find the reason behind his parents' fatal car accident.
Brooklynin pojat 01
Inderjit Kaur Khalsa

The Boys of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

A documentary film about fathers and sons across three generations, their life choices, and the consequences that follow.