Bike shorts 4

English subtitles
81 min
Age limit: K16
Curated by Christoph Schulz, interfilm Berlin

Luis Paris
An animated ride through Argentina that breaks with all conventions of the organized world - a cycling experience that renders the concepts of above and below meaningless.

Sander Vandenbroucke
Brussels Express
A documentary about bike messengers in Brussels, the most congested city in Europe with only 4% cycling traffic.

Tim Wheatley
The Cyclotrope Experiment
Animator Tim Wheatley re-invented the wheel. Really? Yes, somehow.

Frederik Gertten
The Invisible Bicycle Helmet
Nothing is impossible! Two design students take on the challenge and create a very special cycling helmet...

Xavier Douin
If you want your mother back
It seems as though there's no other way: Because neither his parents nor Baby Jesus will fulfil his fervent wish and give him a bike, Antonio hatches a totally unorthodox plan…

Robin Moore
MC SpandX: Performance (Hipster Vs Road Cyclist Rap)
Racer, Rapper, Poser: MC SpandX

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Guillaume Blanchet
The Man Who Lived On His Bike
In memory of his cycling enthusiast father, Guillaume Blanchet shows a wildly edited mix of fundamental life situations, all performed on a bike.

Lorenzo Veracini & Nandini Nambiar
A Bicycle Trip
What a trip! The imagined version of a psychedelic bike journey in the 1940s - long before LSD found its way out of Albert Hoffman's lab...

Barbara Sas & David Paede
Bike Kitchen - a filmic approach
A personal documentary not only about the jointly-organized self-help bicycle repair shop, but also about the scene in Vienna, Austria.

Camilo Gutierrez
You'd be wrong to assume that Camillo Gutierrez simply rides a bike in Berlin. In his own personal perception of the city as a stage, he positively dances its beauty.

Alice Nelson
The Right to Privacy
A man who had sex with his bike is charged as sex-offender. An animation between reality and ... ?

Ninian Doff
Golden Tree
Evolving from the BMX trick "No Hand", Ninian Doff adapted funny dance moves from another time. Dreamy retro-style paired with Martin Brooks' gravelly voice.

Marion Pfaus
Fahrradbesitzlevels (Bicycle Possession Levels)
Known for her keen love of fieldwork and nonchalant humour, Marion Pfaus a.k.a Rigoletti observes, describes and categorizes urban phenomena. In this part of her research, the "Bike Owner Levels" addresses the diverse states of parked bikes in Berlin.