Finland 2013
In Finnish and Estonian with Finnish & Swedish subtitles
80 min
Age limit: S

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Taru Mäkelä & Johanna Onnismaa

Viru - tarinoita hotellista

(Viru - Story of a Hotel)

This documentary explores the common history of three nations through one building. The Finns built a hotel in Tallin that would become the symbol of Estonia's and Finland's relationship in both good times and bad. And all under the control of the KGB.

- Finnish Film Foundation

Glass-walled towers rule the silhouette of Tallinn today, but the mother of all sensations was built out of concrete 40 years ago. The legendary Hotel Viru rose with Finnish effort as the first skyscraper in Estonia and introduced the east to the west. The film by Taru Mäkelä and Johanna Onnismaa depicts the cultural exchange and communication across the Gulf of Finland. Viru recaps the byproducts of the hotel's history - espionage, prostitution and the black market - but also the glamorous front gets its share of cultural historiography.

- Tytti Rantanen, DocPoint Film Festival Catalogue

Director: Taru Mäkelä & Johanna Onnismaa
Screenplay: Taru Mäkelä & Tuuli Kuittinen, based on the book by Sakari Nupponen
Cast: Anna-Leena Härkönen, Sofi Oksanen, Aatos Kusmin, Eva Lille
Production: Jouko Seppälä & Taru Mäkelä / Kinosto

Genre: Documentary