Eraserhead PK4
Eraserhead PK2

USA 1977
In English with no subtitles
85 min
Age limit: K12

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David Lynch


The film is nauseating and compulsive. The industrial and human desolation that it evokes, and the disgust it shows for the body, for sex and procreation, is not for the squeamish. Yet all this is shown with a kind of pity, even a warped beauty. We cannot assume that the disgust shown in the film reflects any hatred of the body on Lynch`s part. One of the many points of this strange film may be political: That bodily disgust is in part born from human deprivation. The pessimism is not total. Henry is not a person without decency.

- Peter Nicholls: The World of Fantastic Films. An illustrated survey. New York 1984.

The film is accompanied by a live music performance by Cercueil (FRA).

Director: David Lynch
Screenplay: David Lynch
Cast: Jack Nance, Charlotte Stewart, Allen Joseph, Jeanne Bates
Production: David Lynch / American Film Institute, Libra Films

Genre: Surreal horror