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Norway 2012
In Norwegian with English subtitles
90 min
Age limit: K16

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Eva Sørhaug

90 Minutes

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Life in these spaces is more cage than comfort in 90 Minutes, which makes you eager for more from a director with the courage to take on subjects that challenge the audience and the marketplace.

- David D'Arcy, Screen Daily

A slap in the face to Norwegian propriety - and so-called "civilized" societies in general -Comparisons have been made between the darkness of Sorhaug's work and that of Michael Haneke, but Gaspar Noé comes more readily to mind... the film reveals three separate stories linked by a male rage that ranges from the crazy to the frighteningly controlled.

- John Anderson, Variety

Director: Eva Sørhaug
Screenplay: Eva Sørhaug
Cast: Aksel Hennie, Bjørn Floberg, Mads Ousdal, Pia Tjelta, Kaia Varjord, Annemari Kastrup
Production: Håkon Øverås / 4 ½

Genre: Drama