The programme  of Espoo Ciné 2013.


See it first at Espoo Ciné. In the Première category you will find a carefully chosen selection of films that reach the theatres later this year. The most interesting Finnish film premiers of the autumn are also included.


This category is for the amorous ones. The moods vary from romantic comedy to overwhelming dramatic passion.


The films in this category tell stories of conflict or present tensions between two opposing groups. Many of the films deal with political themes.


The Family category examines tensions and events within families.


Films in this category focus on what has already happened. The past can refer to historical events or the characters' previous life experiences.


Films in the Dare category challenge the spectator. Themes presented in these films are those we would rather forget, or the way the issues are treated undermines the viewer's sense of security. To put it short: these films will take you from your comfort zone.


In the category Betrayal you will find films dominated by crime, betrayal or corruption. The films depict conflicts of the underworld or betrayal rises as a central theme in other respects.


A journey changes a person, and people in these films travel. Journey might not necessarily signify a concrete transition from one place to another but always it implies change: be it a journey towards something new or away from where you currently are.


Pink is the category for big emotions and amazing stories. Themes related to sexual and gender minorities connect these films.


Espoo Ciné organizes Méliès d'Argent competition for fantastic films; here the latest and best European fantastic and horror films compete.


This category is a selection of films that are showed daytime on weekdays and also on the second weekend in family screenings. The films were chosen considering the needs of kinder gardens and schools. This year we have also included a screening for seniors.