Regular Screenings 7,50 €
Daytime Screenings Mon-Fri 5,00 €
Eraserhead Special Screening 21 Aug 10,00 €
Kiss & Cry from 34,00  €

Tickets can be bought from each film's overview page. You can print your tickets at home or collect them from any Espoo Ciné box office.

Festival Package

6 tickets + festival catalogue 42,00 €
10 tickets + festival catalogue 65,00 €
25 tickets + festival catalogue 135,00 €

You can purchase the festival package from our online box office.

Advance Tickets

from 1st to 15th Aug

Advance tickets can be bought at the Espoo Cultural Centre 1-16 August. The box office is open Mon-Fri 12-6 PM.

Advance tickets can be bought also at the Tovi space at Lasipalatsi in Helsinki 5-11 August. The box office is open daily 12-6 PM.

Tickets purchased from the online shop or reserved by telephone can also be collected at both box offices.

Inquiries by phone
(09) 8165 7215. (From August 1st owards)

During the Festival

from 16th to 25th Aug

Tickets for all screenings can be purchased or collected at all festival venues. Accepted payment methods are cash, credid and debid cards. Box offices open daily 30 minutes prior to to the day's first screening and close as the last screening begins.

Inquiries (09) 8165 7215.

Festival package

The fastest way to start using the screening pass is to choose the PDF ticket, which will be sent to you by e-mail. On this PDF file you will find a code, which is all you need when purchasing tickets online. If you wish to purchase tickets from our box office, we recommend that you print out the PDF ticket.

You may also choose to pick up a screening pass at our box office. The box offices open Aug 1st 2013, and you will be able to purchase tickets for individual screenings after you have collected your screening pass.

Please note that the screening pass must be purchased before you buy tickets for individual screenings.

Note that Festival Packages are non-refundable and that you cannot use Festival Packages to buy tickets for the special screenings, i.e Eraserhead with a live accompaniment (Aug 21) and Kiss & Cry.

All festival packages are available at the online shop. 10+ packages are sold also in the following places from 1st Aug onwards: Espoon kulttuurikeskus, Kolmen sepän book shop, Kaapeli factory's book shop, Kiasma book shop, Korjaamo book shop, Kurvi book shop Hämeentie 48, Tiedekulma Porthania and Bio Rex Sello.

Festival Catalogue

You can purchase the catalogue (5,00 €) at the same locations as Festival Pakcages (see above) from 1st August onwards as well as from Akateeminen book shop in Helsinki city center and Gaudeamus Kirja & Kahvi. During the festival you can purcase the catalogue also at all festival venues.