Fabio Grassadonia &

Antonio Piazza

Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza's first feature film Salvo won two of the Critics' Week Prizes at Cannes 2013. Aesthetically impressive Salvo is a stylish depiction of a Sicilian hit man who chooses not to fire one bullet.

The directors are present at both screenings of the film on Sat 17 Aug in Kino Tapiola at 7 pm and Sun 18 Aug in Louhisali at 5 pm.

Comrade Kim Goes Flying

Anja Daelemans &

Frederik Van de Moortel

Producer, co-director Anja Daelemans' experience in film and television production is extremely impressive. In 1996, she founded the production company Another Dimension of an Idea.  To date, her company has won 61 awards through the international film festival circuit. The highlight of her career are the two Academy Award® nominations for the short films Fait d’Hiver and Tanghi Argentini. Comrade Kim goes Flying is her feature directorial debut.

Composer Frederik Van de Moortelhas worked as a sound designer and composer for theatre, television, short- and feature film. He is most of all a storyteller, using sound and music as source material, always looking for new textures and sounds. In 2009 he won the FCP award for Sound Designer of the Year.

Anja Daelemans and sound designer and Frederik Van de Moortel are both present on Fri 23 Aug in Kino Tapiola at 5 pm and Sat 24 Aug in Bio Rex Sello, Leppävaara at 2 pm.

 Antonio Piazza + Fabio Grassadonia 315x210
Fabio Grassadonia & Antonio Piazza
   Anja Daelemans 315x210
Anja Daelemans

Poski poskea vasten (Mittsommernachtstango)

Viviane Blumenschein &

Oliver Weiss

Three Argentinian musicians travel to Finland to find out whether Aki Kaurismäki's claim, that tango was actually born in Finland, is true or not.

Director Viviane Blumenschein and editor Oliver Weiss are present at the film screening on Tue 20 Aug in Louhisali at 19.15.

After the film the evening continues in Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden with a passionate tango performance and dance lesson. Read more...

Kiss & Cry

Jaco Van Dormael &

Michele Anne De Mey

A set of highly expressive dancing fingers take centre stage in Kiss & Cry. Espoo Ciné together with Helsinki Festival has invited director Jaco Van Dormael and choreographer Michèle Anne De Mey to Finland.

Kiss & Cry in Tapiolasali on Fri 16, Sat 17 and Sun 18 Aug at 7 pm.

Q&A with Van Dormael and De Mey after the screening on Sat 17 Aug.

 Viviane Blumenschein 315x210
Viviane Blumenscheinin

   Michèle Anne De Mey et Jaco Van Dormael 210x315
Jaco Van Dormael & Michele Anne De Mey

Floating Skyscrapers

Tomasz Wasilewski &

Mateusz Banasiuk

Described as the first LGBT Polish film, Floating Skyscrapers is an unexpected and surprising love story between two youngsters. The film was awarded in Karlovy Vary festival East of the West section this summer.

Director Tomasz Wasilewski and leading actor Mateusz Banasiuk are both present in the screening in Louhisali on Sat 24 Aug at 4.15 pm.


Cercueil - Nicolas Davos & Pénélope Michel

French group Cercueil is formed by Nico Devos and  Pénélope Michel. The duo has created new soundscape to David Lynch's cult-classic Eraserhead (1977).

Ciné concert Eraserhead by Cercueil on in Louhisali on Wed 21 Aug at 6 pm.

 Mateusz Banasiuk 315x210
 Mateusz Banasiuk
  Cercueil 315x210